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2017 Schedule

Friday, May 26, 2017


10 am - 1 pm Master Classes


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Blues & Country Fingerpicking Guitar - Happy Traum

(all levels beyond beginner)

DADGAD Guitar - Adam Broome from Maivish

(all levels beyond beginner)

Fiddle Techniques - Jaige Trudel from Maivish

(all levels beyond beginner)

Mandolin Techniques

Taught by Brandon Worder-Smith from The Appleseed Collective

(all levels beyond beginner)

Flute Techniques
Taught by Matthew Olwell from Maivish

(all levels beyond beginner)

Taught by Chris Ousley from Bumper Jacksons

(all levels beyond beginner)

Harmony Singing
Taught by Anna and Elizabeth

(all levels)

Taught by John Lilly

(all levels)

Folk Music Skills

Taught by Alex Lacquement from Bumper Jacksons

(beginner to advanced beginner)



1:00 pm General Folk College Registration Opens


1:30, 2:30 & 5:30 pm Newcomers’ Orientation & Walking Tour


3:00-4:00 pm Workshops

Beginning Harmonica -  Richard Sleigh

(no experience needed, instruments available for purchase)

Learn the boundless music you can make with this small instrument. You’ll work on how to breathe and then progress to other techniques. Bring a harmonica in the key of A, or you can buy one at the workshop.


Jimmie Rodgers Songs - John Lilly

(all levels)

A repertoire class on the songs made famous by Jimmie Rodgers, the ‘Father of Country Music.’ Instruments are welcome.


Finding Your Own Voice - Adam Broome of Maivish

(all levels)

Find and free your own unique voice, enabling you to sing aloud in public, or simply alone for your own enjoyment. We'll work on solo singing skills as you learn some traditional English songs, and we'll use exercises to build ease and confidence, identify obstacles, and explore skills to memorize and embody text and melody.


Beginners' Jam - Karen Hirshon & Linda Littleton of Simple Gifts

(all instruments, advanced beginner)

A fun, supportive jam for those who are new to their instruments or new to jamming. This slow and simple jam will get you ready to play your instrument with others. No experience needed.


Easy Contradance Tunes - Rachel Hall of Simple Gifts

(all instruments, advanced beginner)

Come learn a few fun and easy melodies played at contradances. Sheet music and chords will be provided.


Playing the Blues - Happy Traum

(all instruments, intermediate)

You don’t have to be blue to love the blues! We’ll look at elements such as phrasing, rhythm, chord choice and improvising over those chords in a blues style.


Old Time Tunes with Lyrics - Jerry Trusty

(all instruments, intermediate)

These are old time instrumental tunes that also have words. Lyrics and chords will be provided. Come sing or play, or sing and play.


Minor Key Tunes - Henry Koretzky

(all instruments, intermediate)

Minor key tunes have a deep, melancholy, and dark sound. You will learn minor key tunes from several different musical traditions and learn some music that will grab the heartstrings! We will learn them by ear with sheet music provided at the end of the workshop.


Creating a Band Sound - Appleseed Collective

(all instruments, advanced)

Tips for creating a strong, cohesive, unique sound when playing with others.



4:15-5:15 pm Workshops

Bodhran - Matthew Olwell from Maivish

(beginner, instruments provided)

Similar to frame drums found throughout the world, the Irish bodhrán (prounounced "BAHrahn" or "BOUGHrahn") is played with a short stick called a tipper and a unique hand and wrist motion. The drum provides low end and rhythmic accompaniment for the melody instruments, and can be an integral part of Irish music.


John Hartford Songs - Appleseed Collective

Explore the songs of this American icon known for his folk, country, and bluegrass compositions; his mastery of the fiddle and banjo; and especially for his witty lyrics, unique vocal style, and extensive knowledge of Mississippi River lore.


New England Ballads - Anna and Elizabeth

Learn some of the less-known but very beautiful repertoire of singers and collectors from New England. These are going to be your new favorites once you hear them!


Hearing Chord Changes - Richard Sleigh

(all instruments, advanced beginner)

Learn to hear and identify common chords and chord changes and to understand where and when they occur. This skill that will help you at jam sessions and help you to understand how music works.


Easy Old Time Tunes - The Fiddling Thomsons

(all instruments, advanced beginner)

Come learn some but wonderful easy old time tunes. We’ll work by ear and music will be available if needed.


Waltzes - Jaige Trudel & Adam Broome from Maivish

(all instruments, intermediate)

The waltz is one of the oldest, and definitely the most romantic, dance forms.  In this class, we’ll learn a few easy but beautiful waltz tunes from various folk traditions. The tunes will be taught by ear, but sheet music and chords will be provided for you to take home.


Klezmer Tunes - Henry Korezky

(all instruments, intermediate)

Learn traditional Klezmer dance tunes, music of the Eastern European Jewish culture, as well as characteristic accompaniment styles and ornamentation. We'll try to work by ear, but music will be available if needed.


Swedish Tunes - Carl Rahkonen

(all instruments, intermediate)

Come join a “Gammeldans Band,” which plays music for Scandinavian dancing. We will learn some basic Swedish tunes, with harmony parts. Sheet music will be provided, with chords and harmony parts, for a march, waltz, and slow polska.


How to Play Swing - Bumper Jacksons

(all instruments, advanced)

Learn some swing tunes, and learn how to make them really swing. Remember, “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!”



5:30-6:30 pm Dinner



7:00pm Concert:

Simple Gifts
Amadou Kouyate
Anna & Elizabeth
Bumper Jacksons


After the Concert

Slow Jam - Henry Koretzky and The Fiddling Thomsons

Jamming with Bumper Jacksons - Bumper Jacksons

Blues Jam - Happy Traum & Richard Sleigh

Singing with Anna & Elizabeth

Songwriters' Gathering - John Lilly


11:00pm Late jam at the dorm

Dorm Jam – Jerry Trusty

This jam is held at the dorm so you can jam until you're ready to roll into bed! We'll include a mix of styles and a mix of vocals and instrumentals.



Saturday, May 27, 2017



Yoga for Musicians - Judy Minot

In yoga we work to balance effort with relaxation. We pay detailed attention to what the body is doing, and we practice breathing deeply to help us relax and become flexible and strong. These are all great things for musicians to work on! Even if you’re “not a yoga person” there’s plenty of benefit here. If you have your own mat, please bring it. (a few will be available).


7:30-8:30 am Breakfast



8:45-9:15 am Orientation

Meet the staff, sign up for a folk band, and get oriented as to what’s happening for the rest of the weekend.


9:30-10:45 am Workshops

Try a Ukulele - Chris Ousley from Bumper Jacksons

(beginner, instruments provided)

Discover why these little instruments have captured the heart of people everywhere. It's so much fun and easy to do. Learn a few chords and songs. The session is targeted to total beginners, and instruments will be available for you to use.


Flatfooting & Clogging - Matthew Olwell from Maivish

While American tap dance is often associated with swing and jazz, clogging and flatfooting have close ties to Appalachian old time music and are a blend of Irish, West African, and Native American dances. We'll start with the basics and explore phrasing, musicality and economy of motion to acquire a solid foundation. Leather-soled shoes are recommended.


Bob Dylan Songs - Happy Traum

(all level, instruments welcome)

Happy's long association with Bob Dylan makes him the perfect instructor to teach Dylan favorites. His perspective on Dylan's music dates to their first meeting in Greenwich Village in 1962, and Happy’s group, the New World Singers, was the first to perform and record some of Dylan's earliest songs, including the first recorded versions of “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright.”


Songs of Texas Gladden and Addie Graham - Anna & Elizabeth

Texas and Addie were two great Appalachian ballad singers from whom Anna and Elizabeth have drawn much of their repertoire. There will be a nice variety of songs in this workshop, from haunting solo ballads to lullabies to songs with satisfying choruses.


How to Learn Tunes by Ear - Jerry Trusty

(all instruments, advanced beginner)

Trying to learn tunes by ear can be hard, especially if you’ve always relied on sheet music. Jerry will share tips and shortcuts to make it easier.


Tunes That Are Cooler Than Hard - Rachel Hall

(all instruments, advanced beginner)

Come learn a few tunes that are super cool and not so hard to play. We’ll work by ear but music will be available if needed. This is also a good choice for intermediate/advanced players as there will be different levels of difficulty suggested.


Finnish Tunes - Carl Rahkonen

(all instruments, intermediate)

Carl is highly regarded as an expert on Finnish music in America as well as in Finland. Sheet music and chords will be provided as we learn several interesting tunes.


Irish Tunes - Jaige Trudel & Adam Broome from Maivish

(all instruments, advanced)

Learn a variety of tunes that are popular at Irish sessions. We'll work by ear with music provided at the end of the session.


Singing with the Mandolin -John Lilly

(mandolin, all levels beyond beginner)

Learn some tips and tricks for using the mandolin to accompany singing in old-time and early country music. Emphasis will be on solo performance.


Rhythmic Backup on Wind Instruments - Alex Lacquement & Jess Eliot Myhre from Bumper Jacksons

(all wind instruments, all levels beyond beginner)

Learn how a clarinet, flute, whistle, or other wind instrument can be used to play an interesting and varied backup role in a band.


Mini-Lessons on Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar - Karen Hirshon of Simple Gifts

(all levels)

Sign up for a short one-on-one session with Karen.



11:00-12:15 Workshops

Try a Banjo - Jerry Trusty

(beginner, instruments provided)

Starting at the very beginning, learn the basics of clawhammer style banjo. Instruments will be available for you to borrow during the workshop or bring your own.


African Culture Through Music - Amadou Kouyate

(all levels)

Explore African culture and history through its music with Amadou Kouyate, the 150th generation of the Kouyate family of Manding Diali (oral historians/musicians of West Africa). This will be a demo/discussion workshop rather than a play-along workshop.


Yodeling - John Lilly

(all levels)

Anyone can yodel. This basic-level workshop will get you started unlocking your inner yodeler and will teach you some simple, useful yodels to add to nearly any song.


Making a Song Your Own - Jess Eliot Myhre of Bumper Jacksons

Learn how to customize a song to take advantage of your strengths and present your own interesting version.


How to Jam - Richard Sleigh

(all instruments, advanced beginner)

Learn some jam skills that will help you join in the jams over the weekend. How do you figure out what to play, and what do you do if you don't know the tune being played?


Easy Scandinavian Tunes - Carl Rahkonen

(all instruments, advanced beginner)

Springars, gangars, and polskas are part of the folk dance repertoire from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Working from sheet music and chords, you'll learn a few tunes from this tradition.


Old Time Tunes - Anna Roberts-Gevalt of Anna & Elizabeth

(all instruments, intermediate)

We'll look at a variety of tunes from the Southern Appalachians. We'll work by ear, with music provided at the end of the workshop.


Engaging as a Rhythm Section - Andrew Brown, Eric O'Daly, Vince Russo of The Appleseed Collective

(all instruments, advanced)

What distinguishes one good player from another? RHYTHM!!! It’s their sense of timing, interpretation, articulation, expression, “groove,” and the melody of rhythm. We will explore how these elements contribute to creating a strong and confident rhythmic concept, and how we can develop these skills for solo and group playing.


Jazz Violin - Brandon Worder-Smith


For many old-time fiddlers and classical violinists, the world of jazz improvisation represents a daunting leap into the dark. Learn the basic tools necessary to begin exploring and developing your own style with topics that include practicing, conquering chord stacks, and forgetting everything you know once you've finally learned it.

Bass Techniques for Cello & Bass - Alex Lacquement from Bumper Jacksons

(cello and bass players beyond beginner)

We'll look at a variety of techniques used by bass players and apply them to both bass and cello.


Mini-Lessons on Fiddle, Banjo, Whistle - The Fiddling Thomsons

(all levels)

Sign up for a short one-on-one session with the Fiddling Thomsons.


12:30-1:30 pm Lunch



1:45-3:00 pm Workshops

Try a Fiddle - The Fiddling Thomsons

(beginner, instruments provided)

In a session designed for people who've never touched a fiddle, we'll look at the very basics. Instruments will be provided or bring your own.



West African Drumming - Amadou Kouyate

(all levels)

Join Amadou to explore rhythmic presentations on Djembe and Koutiro drums. Amadou will be assisted by Kelly Parker, who is one of our frequent teachers at Greenwood Furnace Folk Gathering.


Solo Ballad Singing - Elizabeth Laprelle of Anna & Elizabeth

Explore the rich tradition of ballad singing and discover techniques to improve learning and delivery of this age-old song form. You will learn a few ballads, and learn about how to sing them well.


Songs from the English Tradition - Adam Broome from Maivish

Explore the landscape of time-honored folk songs from the English-speaking world. We will learn material both familiar and obscure with a strong emphasis on songs of rural life. Learn by ear and sing from the heart!


Easy Tunes from Eastern Europe- Karen & Linda of Simple Gifts

(all instruments, advanced beginner)

Learn how to play a few easy tunes and discover why these folk tunes remain a staple in east European folk music. We'll try to learn by ear but music will be available if needed


Contradance Band Practice - Judy Minot & Rachel Hall

(all instruments, intermediate)

We’ll play through the music planned for this evening’s contradance and learn arrangements and approaches that make them come alive! Music and chords will be provided. [Note: It’s ok to skip this workshop and play for the dance anyhow.]


Killer Rhythm Chops - Richard Sleigh

(all instruments, advanced)

Explore subtleties of how to make rhythm come alive and serve the music by using space, push and pull of tempo, and subtleties of rhythm.


Fiddle with Ease and Accuracy - Jaige Trudel from Maivish

(advanced beginner to intermediate)

Get the most for your effort when you pick up your fiddle. This workshop delves into technique and positioning with the individual musician in mind. We will examine the fundamentals of producing clear, graceful sounds with ease that will benefit any fiddle tradition.


Swing Ukulele - Chris Ousley from Bumper Jacksons


Discover closed position ukulele chord shapes and other techniques that will give your uke playing a jazzy, bluesy sound. You'll also learn to make a non-jazz tune swing.


Flute & Pennywhistle - Matthew Olwell from Maivish


For those beyond the beginner stage, we'll look at more advanced techniques including getting a good tone, playing in the upper octave, fingering techniques, and ornamentation.


Mini-Lessons on Mandolin, Guitar - Henry Koretzky

(all levels)

Sign up for a short one-on-one session with Henry.



3:15-4:45 pm Folk Band Rehearsal

Based on the form you filled out during orientation (Saturday 8:45am), you’ll be assigned to a band that will rehearse with the help of a staff coach and then perform at Sunday’s Student Concert. There will also be an option to join a non-performing band. Band lists and locations will be posted in Good Hall. If you haven’t filled out a folk band form, go to Good Hall lobby and we’ll figure out where to fit you in.


5:00-6:00 pm Dinner



7:00 pm Faculty Concert

John Lilly
Happy Traum
The Appleseed Collective


After the Concert

Contradance – Judy Minot & Rachel Hall will lead an open band.
Bob Nicholson will call the dance.

Jamming with Maivish

Jamming with The Appleseed Collective

Drumming – Amadou Kouyate


11:00 pm Late jam at the dorm

Dorm Jam - Henry Koretzky

This jam is held at the dorm so you can jam until you're ready to roll into bed! This jam will include a mix of styles and a mix of vocals and instrumentals.


Sunday, May 28, 2017


7:30-8:30 am Breakfast


8:45-10:00 am Workshops

Body Percussion - Matthew Olwell from Maivish

(no experience needed)

Many vernacular dance forms have a tradition in which the human body is the primary instrument. Matthew’s style of body percussion is inspired by hambone, new “body music” ensembles like Stomp and Brazil-based Barbatuques, African-American stepping, and other dance traditions. We’ll explore polyrhythmic patterns of clapping, snapping, and stepping, with a focus on musicality that makes a delicious musical movement-experience. A great class for students of any level from beginners to advanced dancers.


Greenwich Village Folk Revival -  Happy Traum

(all levels)

With colorful anecdotes and incisive memories, Happy will relate some of his adventures as an active member of the New York folk revival from 1954 to 1971 and his friendships with some of the leading folk artists of the day, including Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Brownie McGhee, Dave Van Ronk, Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton, and many others.


Hymn Singing - Anna & Elizabeth

(all levels singers; instruments welcome)

A good old-fashioned hymn sing with focus on old-time hymns. Bring your instrument if you play. Song sheets with chords will be provided.

This workshop is free and open to the public. (Ends 9:45)


Easy Irish Tune - Fiddling Thomsons

(all instruments, advanced beginner)

We'll learn a few easy-to-play Irish tunes. We'll work by ear with music provided at the end of the workshop.


Rags - Jerry Trusty

(all instruments, intermediate)

Rags and rag-time music are just fun! That bouncy, jazzy rhythm makes you want to move. Join us if you want to add a few rags to your repertoire. Music and chords will be provided.


West African Music - Amadou Kouyate

(all instruments, intermediate)

Learn to play West African music on your instrument!


Instrumental Breaks in Swing Songs - Chris Ousley & Jess Eliot Myhre of Bumper Jacksons

(all instruments, advanced)

Learn the subtleties of playing instrumental solos and fills. We'll work with swing songs, but these will be techniques and approaches that can be applied to any genre.


Alexander Technique for Musicians - Jaige Trudel from Maivish

Do you feel pain, tension, or anxiety when you play your instrument? Alexander Technique has helped many musicians to release unnecessary tension and find a lightness that allows movement to happen without the effort, fatigue, or pain so commonly experienced.


Intermediate/Advanced Harmonica - Richard Sleigh

Focusing on the 10 hole diatonic harmonica in standard tuning (also known as a blues harp), you will learn 3 main scale pathways that open up the entire 3 octave range of the instrument for playing in any style and a range of keys. We will also look at tongue blocking, pucker style playing, note bending, breath control, and how to increase volume and tone control without playing harder.


Guitarist Toolbox - Andrew Brown of The Appleseed Collective

(advanced beginner/intermediate)

This workshop will help you understand the often misunderstood theory behind the guitar's fretboard. Teaching that "chords" and "scales" are actually one and the same, you will learn a basic system of understanding harmony that will give you the skills necessary to continue the process of mapping out the infinite possibilities that exist within the world of the guitar.


Mini-Lessons on Mandolin, Guitar, Voice - John Lilly

(all levels)

Sign up for a short one-on-one session with John.



10:15-11:30 am Workshops

Washboards - Jess Eliot Myhre of Bumper Jacksons & Vince Russo of The Appleseed Collective

(beginner, instruments for purchase)

Two of our featured bands each have an outstanding washboard player. With the two of them in the same room at the same time, you are sure to learn amazing things! Washboards will be available for borrowing, purchase, or bring your own


Crankies: Storytelling Through Music - Annie & Elizabeth

The old scrolling picture show, dubbed “crankies,” present intricate picture-scrolls that illustrate old songs with paper cuts, shadow puppets, prints, and embroidered fabric.


Singing & Playing Rounds - Judy Minot

(all voices, instruments, and levels)

The round is a familiar format from childhood.  But rounds can be so much more!  Working from sheet music as needed, we'll play and sing some familiar and not-so- familiar rounds.  In the process, we'll develop our ear for harmony and try out some different ways to begin and end a round. Open to singers, rhythm and melody instruments.


Simplified Versions of Standard Tunes - Karen & Linda of Simple Gifts

(all melody instruments, advanced beginner)

By leaving notes out of a tune, you’re better able to play it up to speed. We’ll look at a few standard tunes and learn simple versions that will allow you to keep up in a jam. This workshop is for melody players, i.e., instruments that play the melody rather than chords. Sheet music will be provided.


Pennsylvania Tunes - Henry Koretzky & Carl Rahkonen

(all instruments, intermediate)

We’ll look at several wonderful but virtually unknown tunes collected in Pennsylvania. Sheet music and chords will be provided.


Backing Up a Jig, Reel, Hornpipe, and Waltz - Rachel Hall

(all backup instruments, intermediate)

You'll learn how to tell whether a tune is a jig, reel, hornpipe, or waltz, and what backup rhythms to use once you know.


Rhythm Language of India - Eric O'Daly of The Appleseed Collective

(all instruments, advanced)

Learn the fundamental concepts of Indian Classical Music, such as Sargam (a basic solfeggio) and konnakol (the language of rhythm). Eric will demonstrate these basic concepts and then we'll apply them to western styles of music, to facilitate both melodic and rhythmic fluidity and freedom.


Conquering Stage Fright with Presence - Brandon Worder-Smith of The Appleseed Collective

Are you uncomfortable playing in front of others? In this workshop, you'll learn techniques and exercises to empower your playing and your confidence.


Mandolin Techniques - John Lilly


Learn how to get the most out of this versatile instrument with tips and techniques to take your mandolin playing to the next level.


The Blues Guitar of Brownie McGhee - Happy Traum


Happy learned to play directly from master bluesman Brownie McGhee, whose rhythmic fingerpicking style, rich accompaniments, intricate lead playing, and wide-ranging repertoire has influenced generations of guitarists around the world. The class will start with the basics to create a solid foundation for even the novice blues player. It will concentrate on the keys of E and A and cover the musical components that make Brownie’s playing distinctive.


Mini-Lessons on Banjo, Guitar and Bass - Alex Lacquement from Bumper Jacksons

(all levels)

Sign up for a short one-on-one session with Alex.


11:45 am Group Photo

Bring your instrument and smile!


12:00-1:00 pm Lunch


1:15-2:15 pm Band Rehearsal

Another rehearsal with the same band as yesterday


2:30-4:30 pm Student Concert


4:30 pm Jamming